BeatCheat – Freedom of Expression 2 (#LSCD42)

from the author:
I worked for about six months on this EP. During this time, each of the tracks has undergone a lot of changes and transformations before it reached the state when it can deliver the exact idea I wanted to put into the music. The second part of the “Freedom of expression” is dedicated to the Time and its hypostasis. I’ve tried to fill each track with variety of emotions, colors and feelings that flow from one to another, giving the music its own life, energy and constant motion.

This EP is for those who do not simply want to listen to music, but want to see a picture painted by the music. If you’re just that listener – close your eyes and enjoy.

1) Children (2:55)
2) How i get the freedom (4:13)
3) Island (3:30)
4) Tree of life (3:09)
5) Sands of time (2:28)

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