Vicious Cycle Remix Contest Winners

Dear Contestants,

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone for their interest in “The Vicious Remix Contest”. We greatly appreciate your patience in making a decision, as our judges had to go through hundreds of entries, playing each song in it’s entirety for absolute fairness. After several meetings, a final decision has been made. There were a lot of remixes that Vicious Cycle really liked, but the decision was not ours to make. Therefore, we (Vicious Cycle) might contact some of the contestants about possible collabs or usage of their remix on other projects not related to this contest. We were impressed with a lot the remixes that we received, but unfortunately only 3 remixes can win.

Phone Call – Nasa Playstation
T & A – Mig1
You People – ReMix By Santi

Ура, товарищи. Как я и говорил, кто-то из наших все-таки победил.